European football from an American woman's perspective.

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The goal of this directory is to answer the ever important question: “Who is THAT?!” It’s funny to think these men can be mobbed on the streets in their own countries, yet most American sports fans have no idea who they are.

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If soccer were a film, these gentlemen (and a few ladies) would play the leading actors. Suggestions welcome.


Most of you will not be waking up at 6:00am to watch soccer just yet. So here are some fun games and quizzes for your amusement pleasure in the meantime.

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Here’s the truth: Soccer can be really boring for a newcomer. We’ll try to make it interesting for you.

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Much has been made about trying to get the US engaged in world football, yet no one seems to be stating the obvious when it comes to women: it’s very easy for us to watch beautiful men run around for 45 minute intervals without commercial interruption.

However, we cannot be expected to have a die hard passion for a game which, until very recently, has been associated with small children and track suit wearing moms carting their kids around in mini-vans.

As we learn more about the players, we come to appreciate the game more. At some point, we go from “Wow, he’s hot!” to “Why would he use a 4-4-2 against that side?” I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I love this game.

So this is a fun introduction to the wonderful world of soccer (aka football, fußball, fútbol, fotbal, voetbal, il calcio).


ps: Clever banter is welcome. Trolling is not. Remember, everyone is somebody’s child…and women don’t like people talking smack about their kids.