European football from an American woman's perspective.




Much has been made about trying to get the US engaged in world football, yet no one seems to be stating the obvious when it comes to women: it’s very easy for us to watch beautiful men run around for 45 minute intervals without commercial interruption.

However, we cannot be expected to have a die hard passion for a game which, until very recently, has been associated with small children and track suit wearing moms carting their kids around in mini-vans.

As we learn more about the players, we come to appreciate the game more. At some point, we go from “Wow, he’s hot!” to “Why would he use a 4-4-2 against that side?” I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I love this game.

So this is a fun introduction to the wonderful world of soccer (aka football, fußball, fútbol, fotbal, voetbal, il calcio).


ps: Clever banter is welcome. Trolling is not. Remember, everyone is somebody’s child…and women don’t like people talking smack about their kids.