European football from an American woman's perspective.

Starter Kit

Here’s the honest truth: Soccer can be really boring for a newcomer. We’ll try to make it interesting for you.

Football is beautiful, dramatic, technical and poetic. Learn how this great game is played.

  • Wikipedia’s soccer page gives you the basics.  FYI: You can call it soccer or football…and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Inverting the Pyramid is the official tactical history of everything.  You get the “why” behind what’s happening on the pitch and how strategies have changed over the years.
  • Although FIFA is currently a hot mess, the laws for the international game can be found here.

Football is a lot like chess. Except every piece costs millions of dollars.

  • Soccernomics explains the financials behind the beautiful game.  A must read.
  • gives a complete breakdown of current clubs, players along with interesting technical facts.

Drama on the field, drama off the field. And hairstyles. Lots and lots of hairstyles.

  • The Ronaldo movie is coming to theaters on November 9th.  I hope it’s a cross between Beyonce’s documentary and Kobe Doin’ Work.
  • Soccer Men is a compilation of interviews delving into the personalities of players past and present.
  • If you don’t feel like doing all that reading, you can enjoy this video of the perfection that is Xabi Alsonso and Nagore Aramburu.  More fun stuff to come soon!