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Euro 2016 Recap

The Champions

Portugal finally won it – with and without Ronaldo.  Not known as a team player, it was impressive to see the man with his own statue (and museum, hotels and airport) support his fellow teammates after injury.  Quite a strike from Eder.

The Contenders

France were fantastic hosts and it would’ve been nice if they won it all.  Their reception with Francois Hollande was almost hard to watch – they looked so sad, but so good in those suits.  Kudos to the tailor.

The Underdogs

Iceland was a joy to watch and their chant is pretty darn great.  It’s like watching the dance scene from Happy Feet.  Other teams will try to copy it, but it won’t be the same.

And if you’ve never heard a grown man squeal with delight, this is what it sounds like:

And then there’s England.  Who made the squealing possible.  A word to the soccer newbies: England always promise to win, but they don’t.  More on that another time.

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